about Us

Twin Chemicals, Inc. was established in 1992 with a vision and a goal; to create the highest quality abatement solutions for asbestos, lead paint, and mold professionals. We are committed to manufacturing black and yellow mastic removers, asbestos encapsulants, degreasers, disinfectant cleaners, paint strippers, mold remediation and other cleaning chemicals that are environmentally safe, to ensure the reduction of contaminants in the air and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Our national distribution network allows for contractors across the United States and Canada to have access to effective and safe asbestos abatement, lead paint, and mold solutions.

We have established a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, with extensive training of each product, so they can provide an exceptional customer service experience. Our entire staff is qualified, enthusiastic, and available to answer questions, provide needed documentation, or offer guidance on which products will meet the needs of your specific project.

In 2013, Twin Chemicals, Inc. expanded their product line to offer 3-stage decontamination showers. Our showers are made with components purchased in the USA and built on site in Canton, GA. We provide distributors across the country with our hassle-free decontamination showers, which are constructed with flame retardant poly, framed or frameless stages, and offer various sizes to meet the needs of all contractors.

In 2015, Twin Chemicals, Inc. once more expanded their line of products to support water and waste- water treatment facilities. We offer a “one-stop shop” for all water and waste-water municipalities. Our wide array of relationships with manufacturers across the United States allows us to provide coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection treatment options, as well as personal protection equipment (PPE).