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Most Popular Questions

What is the odor I am experiencing during the mastic removal process?

Whether you are using low odor mastic remover or no odor mastic remover, you may still experience an odor. This is due to a chemical reaction that occurs when the mastic remover and mastic come in contact with one another. Depending on the length of time the mastic has been sitting and also what the mastic has been exposed to all play a role in any odor that may be present. Always make sure the space is well ventilated and avoid exposure by wearing protective masks.

Is it safe to put mastic remover in an airless sprayer?

No, if fact it is very dangerous. Atomizing (converting) increases the risk of explosion in the case of a spark.

Where can I find an SDS for one of your products?

Each product’s SDS can be found either below each product description or at the bottom of our website page, just click on the yellow “Safety Data Sheets” icon.

Are any mastic removers safer than others?

Although all our mastic removers are safe if used as directed, we have several VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant mastic removers that we manufacture. These mastic removers have a higher flash point (170 degrees F or higher), making them safer because they have very low vapor pressure. This simply means they don’t evaporate as much into the air and therefore workers are not exposed to as many volatile organic compounds.

What is Pronto Extra Wetter used for?

Pronto Extra Wetter is used in circumstances where asbestos is likely to become airborne. This may be when solid asbestos insulation is being removed from boiler pipes or steel grinders. It may also be used in dusty operations, such as surface preparation or clean-up or when additional floor preparation is required after tile removal. Pronto Extra Wetter actually wets out the particles and keeps them from becoming airborne. Extra Wetter is never added to any other product.

Are your tile lifter bars and blades made here in the United States?

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering products made in our own country. Although we could offer these products at a lower cost if we purchased them from another country, we feel our American-made tile lifter bars and blades are of the finest steel and outlast any products we have tested outside the U.S.

Why would I need to use a degreaser during the abatement process?

The primary use of a degreaser is to remove residual mastic remover from the substrate to speed up the time between mastic removal and resurfacing. This is increasingly important with the higher flash point removers. Sometimes it can take days or even weeks for the solvent to evaporate enough to allow for a successful, trouble free resurfacing. Our degreaser “floats” the residual mastic remover to speed up that process.

Do you have distributors that can sell to me locally?

Yes, we have many distributors across the country who stock our products. If you are a contractor, feel free to call us and we can put you in touch with a distributor in your area.

How are you able to offer such competitive pricing?

We are constantly meeting with and developing better relationships with our suppliers. Whenever we are provided with a price decrease we happily pass this savings along to our customers.

What is the coverage rate for the mastic removers you offer?

Coverage always depends on the thickness of the mastic, as well as what the mastic has been exposed to and how long it’s been sitting. However average coverage is 100-125 square feet per gallon.

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