Asbestos Encapsulants

PRONTO LOCKTITE - Asbestos Encapsulant

Locks down asbestos fibers. Comes in clear, white, and blue

Pronto Locktite is an economical and efficient asbestos lockdown encapsulant and is a ready to use product. It is designed to lock down asbestos fibers in your work areas and help you pass even the most aggressive air tests. This comes in Blue, White & Clear. Sold in 5-gallon pails. 

PRONTO MULTI-LOCK - Concentrated Asbestos Encap

Concentrated encapsulant, Locks down asbestos fibers

This is an economical and versatile multi-purpose asbestos encapsulant. This is a concentrated product that is designed to penetrate, seal, bind and lock down asbestos fibers.