Wetting Agents and Degreaser Products

Pronto EXTRA-Wetter Concentrated Surfactant

EXTRA-Wetter is effective in reducing asbestos fiber counts during removal and demolition operations. By using EXTRA-WETTER, the volume of water needed to wet out and control the spread of dust and fiber particulate is reduced. This will aid in keeping work areas less messy. EXTRA-Wetter keeps particles wetter longer with less mess and with less application time by breaking up water droplets into finer mist, covering surfaces faster. Dilute 1:200. Diluted, surface tension is reduced from 100 dynes/sq.cm to 29 dynes/sq.cm, ASTM #D 1331. NON-FLAMMABLE.

De-Solv High Power Degreaser

High Power Cleaner/Degreaser

De-solv High Power Degreaser is an excellent heavy duty degreaser. With the power of sodium hydroxide, it can be used on a variety of surfaces such as vehicles, floors, walls, fabrics, machinery, exterior surfaces and more. It can be applied to the surface with a mop, spray bottle (without aluminum), sponge, or just pour it onto the floor. Mix 1-2 ounces of degreaser for each gallon of water. It is not recommended that this product be used without being diluted. Heavily soiled spots may need a clean water rinse.