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D-Handle or T-Handle, Made from heavy duty steel

Our tile lifter bars are made in the United States, each weighing approximately 17 lbs and made with heavy duty steel, D and T Handle Offered. The bar shaft measures 53.5” long, with a tapered 7.5” flange, housing 2 slots for blade insertion. Two rounded carriage bolts and nuts are used to hold the scraper blade in place. Scraper blades sold separately.


2”, 3.5” and 6” – Heavy duty steel, heat treated

We offer three different size blades which fit our 2 slot tile lifter bars. They are the ultimate blades for the toughest removals. Our blades are made from heavy duty steel and heat treated to ensure a long life.

Our 2” x 7.5” are ground on both ends, which allows double the usage. They are perfect for those small, narrow, hard-to-reach spaces (pictured far left). 

Our 3.5" x 7.5" (pictured middle) and our 6" x 7.5" (pictured far right) blades are ground on one end at an angle designed to achieve the optimum shear point.


     3 Rooms, Lightweight, Strong & Sturdy, wrapped with 6 mil Fire Retardant Poly

DS36: Twin-Chemicals low-cost, lightweight, disposable showers are remarkably strong and sturdy. Each room has a wood frame and is double-wrapped with 6-mil Fire-Retardant poly. Each stage measures 36”x36”x77” or 48”x48”x77” with the middle stage occupying a reinforced plastic bottom to add rigidity and prevent mold or mildew from accumulating. Total weight for all 3 stages is 45lbs. **Pole sets sold separately.

PS36:  Twin-Chemicals Purely Simple Frameless Decontamination Station is a lightweight, 3-stage disposable shower that is extremely strong and sturdy. Each station Measures 36"x36"x77", Fire Rated 6 mil double wrapped poly for 12 mil thickness, and each stage contains a reinforced plastic bottom to add rigidity and prevent mold or mildew from accumulating. Since the PS36 does not contain a wood frame it makes this station the ultimate fire retardant shower in the workplace. Total weight for all 3 stages is 35 lbs. **Pole sets sold separately. 

POLE SETS: Twin Chemicals pole sets are made out of PVC piping. Each pole measures 77" long by 1 inch in diameter. Each set includes 12 poles which is enough for 1 three stage decontamination shower. 

MASTASORB - Absorbent 

Absorbs up to 10 times its weight!

When it comes to absorbing asbestos floor mastic that has been chemically liquefied, nothing is more effective than Mastasorb. This fiberized, wood-based product absorbs up to 10 times its weight which allows one bale to solidify between 2000 to 2500 square feet of liquid mastic clean up and is quicker, safer, and more efficient. Each bale weighs approximately 28 lbs and absorbs 210 liquid lbs per bale.


12” wire reinforced, 2 mil, reusable flex duct for negative air machines

Sold by the case. . .each case contains 4 sections and each section is 25 ft in length. Sold in clear (pictured) and sliver.

Pronto Spray Adhesive

Twin Chemical's Pronto Spray Adhesive is a versatile adhesive designed to meet all your industrial applications. Pronto Spray Adhesive creates a strong and durable bond on various surfaces; wood, metal, carpet, leather, foam, rubber and more. With its low odor, water resistance, and fast drying time, Pronto Spray Adhesive allows you to complete your project efficiently and achieve quality results. Sold in 10oz and 12oz cans.